dosy browser— manifesto of a saner internet

What is dosy browser?

dosybrowser, n.
the 'D' in: Brave, Chrome, Edge and Firefox
a better internet browser

dosy browser (db), is a technical web browser, with multiple composition modes, sophisticated plugins, and advanced privacy and security protections.

in English, that means that dosy is a platofrm technology for a more open and more human world wide web.

Technical features

dosy browser manifesto — better mode for the whole internet

Join the minimalist, brutalist revolution.

Dosy Browser remakes the web like it's 1999. Cutting out all the bullshit. Giving you just the facts. Just the content, thanks.


The web is distracting

Pages have a lot of cruft and distractions that sometimes get in the way of content.

To stay in the zone and focus more easily, to lower the cognitive load of consuming content on the web or doing common tasks there, it works to remove as many distractions as possible.

Data can be expensive

Going traveling?

Dreading the pre-paid 4G data SIM card hunt as you land in other countries?

True, some places make it easy to get online straight away from your phone. But often it's hard, and very often it's expensive, and the data you get is so small, maybe just 1 gigabyte.

The web is obsese

Tired of website bloat?

Web sites and web apps these days are often SO bloated.

Megabytes of JavaScript, megabytes of adware tracking, megabytes of ads, megabytes of styles.

Soon enough you end up downloading 20 to 30 megabytes just to read one article on a news site, where the underlying article text is maybe 5 kilobytes tops.

It's ridiculous that content balloons 400x to 500x times above what the actual information you want to consume requires.

This is the point that Dosy Browser comes in to save your day.

What is Dosy Browser?

Dosy Browser is a web browser that runs in your web browser, and connects to a private and secure browser that runs in the cloud and accesses the internet for you.

What does Dosy Browser do?

Dosy Browser cuts all the non-essential cruft out of my browsing so I could just get to the content: the text and functions.

Also Dosy Browser cuts all this bloat out before sending you what's left. So you save a LOT of bandwidth and still get the same content, minus the distractions, spyware and cruft.

What is browsing the web with Dosy Browser like?

Like reader mode for the whole web.

All images, site styles, JavaScript, ads are gone from your page, and only the text and functions that remain are what you see.

Why did I make Dosy Browser?

I made it because cutting all this bloat from web pages This lets me save 4G data and slow wifi in places where those things are a limited and precious resource.

Dosy Browser stretches your existing data further.

Want to give it a try?